Cherokee Township of San Antonio

Uniting a Divided Fire

Osiyo ale Ulihelisdi!

Hello and welcome to the official website of the Cherokee Township of San Antonio. We are a local chapter of proud Cherokee Nation Citizens living in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. The CTSA is a satellite group off of the Cherokee Nation based in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

It is our mission to bring awareness of our history, heritage and culture to our own and to those around us. The Cherokee Township of San Antonio hosts meetings every other month in which we discuss the happenings within the Nation, as well as do crafts and learn various things such as how to trace your Native American heritage and learning the nearly extinct language of the proud Cherokee and much more.

We are of one Sacred Fire flourishing from the breath of our individual flames, but many of our flames have wandered unto other paths. It is us, the individual flames and our communities that can rebuild our fire and make her whole again, with or without the other flames, who will eventually disperse as we become whole. We will work together helping others, honoring our Creator and our Mother Earth as our Fire becomes stronger and we thrive as one.