Cherokee Township of San Antonio

Uniting a Divided Fire

Researching your Native American Heritage

Tracing your Native American heritage can be extremely difficult. For many reasons, many Native Americans chose not to say they were Native American, or said they were less Native American than they were. Most did this to protect themselves and their families, unfortunately today it has become a difficult task for many to trace their heritage.

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A good resource to utilize is the Cherokee Nation website's Tribal Citizenship page then click on the Genealogy section:

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Ancesty (Free and Paid Subscription) (Paid Subscription)!&gclid=Cj0KEQjwvo6wBRCG3Zv92ZSLlIYBEiQA5PLVAlPojptvwrWqG13CIqD3HPUy3G1LpS0SxjZvjjCYE2caAhvR8P8HAQ (Free and Paid Subscription)